Disabled care

Wireless call system

Liberty is a wireless call and tracking solution that has been adapted for disabled care. Our vision is to ensure the security of disabled people by adapting the call trigger to each individual need. This enables the following:

  • Mobility and security
  • Individually adapted call solution
  • Integration with environmental control solutions
Disabled on Moutain

A strong partnership

ER Systems has a strong partnership with the Swiss Foundation for Rehabilitation Technology (FST). Together, we provide individual solutions for disabled people and are already working on the technologies for tomorrow.

Disabled Girl

  • Mobile call from anywhere in the campus
  • Integration of new or existing alarm triggering devices
  • Geolocalization of calls (up to room level)
  • Automatic nurse presence alarm cancellation
  • Several alarm cancellation options (pairing, touchscreen, etc)
  • Display of alarm on touchscreens, web browsers, handheld phones, etc
  • Wandering management if needed
  • In-room preventive alarm sensors
  • Mobile staff help and assistance call
  • Sensor integration and technical alarms
  • Integration of building automation systems trough RF or IR
  • Mobile and fix telecommunication (integrating separate systems from our partners)
  • Open, secured living space
  • No wires, full mobility AND security for people
  • Integration of existing equipment (James, Easyrider, Keo, Gewa, Omnicontrol, etc)
  • Fast reaction times of staff due to geolocalization
  • Wireless integration of sensors for additional security
  • Telephony independent
  • Hospital approved system

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